A word about my paints

Face paints have evolved tremendously over the last 20 or so years. All I use is professional grade theatrical make up that is specifically made for the skin, FDA approved, hypoallergenic, has a child safety rating. All paints do have a antibacterial agent added to them so there is no cross contamination of any kind. The paint is a water based theatrical grade of professional make up that has great staying power & lasting color pigmentation (even up to days later – as long as it doesn’t get wet).  Once dry, it does not cake, crack or flake. My paints can not be purchased in a craft store, they are specially ordered online. Brand names include but not limited to, Wolfe, Mehron, Paradise & Krylon just to name a few. MSDS sheets can be supplied if need be. It is VERY RARE to have any kind of reactions to the paint. I have had a few parents ask what if there child has ciliak disease or even peanut allergies.  IF this rarity occurs please email immediately. The paint is easily removed with baby wipes or soap & water repeatidly if needed.  ALL face paint should be water soluable & deemed safe for the skin. BEWARE of painters using ACRYLIC PAINT so called “craft paint” frankly your child is NOT a craft (paper, wood, cement, plastic or otherwise – BUT NEVER for use on the skin). If you are unsure always ask. Better to be safe than sorry for the sake of your child, it may be “cheap” costing but that is the draw, so please BEWARE & always ask. If you are painted by me, rest assured it is the best quality paints on the market.